Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Break?!'s been an awfully long time.  Well, blog-readers, as usual, when it's busy around here, you know my blog suffers!  I can't believe I'm already on Christmas break and our first semester is almost over...!  And believe me, I celebrated pretty hard last night!  I went to bed at about 7:30 and slept until 8 this morning, waking up only when Kyle warned me he would eat all the dinner he made.

There's nothing really new to update anyone on, since both of our lives have mostly consisted of going to school, working out at the gym, eating dinner, and going to bed early.  I would have to say that's one crazy thing about being an adult with an adult job--you can't stay up past 10 anymore!

I guess I can only think of 2 real changes in our lives since August.  The first is how much Keebler has been growing.  He's eating about 3 times as much since August and is about 4 times as big!  He's about the same age Tiger was when we found him and is a little smaller than he was, so we're assuming he won't get as big.  But he's definitely gotten longer, fluffier, and if possible...sweeter :)

Before--scrawny and dirty from climbing underneath the couch.

Before--Is you my brother?

After--Naptime!  Keebler stretches out and Tiger curls up :)

After--So fluffy!  We call him Keebler Van Buren.

After--Keeb's a lazy cat who doesn't like to turn his body around to follow your movements.  Instead, he turns his head like an owl.


After--I read somewhere that they're only really fighting when the loser is whining.  So if no noise is being made, we usually let them carry on like this until they're bored with it.

 So there you have it!  Keebler is growing up!  And what's more is that these photos were taken some time ago, so now he's even bigger...

The second thing that's changed slightly is how much stuff my classroom is accumulating.  I didn't start out with too much on the walls, but now I'm getting a ton of stuff put up!  I still have two large walls that I'm saving for a surprise project (whenever I get around to it), but otherwise, the inspiring "artwork" is getting put up everywhere.  What's more, you ask?  Kyle made them all on the computer!  Check them out:

This break he's also promised to undertake some Shakespeare pictures and an Odyssey life-size map.  Maybe they will be part of my Christmas present?  I love my husband :)

Merry Christmas everyone!