Thursday, March 24, 2011

Anger, absolute anger.

This post is not going to be very long because it's a ranting post.  I'm home alone and just need to get it off my chest.

I went to Teacher's College today to do some portfolio work since I no longer have a Mac.  I set up my new portfolio, get all my stuff done, spend an hour and a half up in the lab with a very nice girl who showed me how I can connect my two portfolios (I can't even edit my old one anymore because my Mac's gone).  She assures me that I can check out a Mac for two weeks down at the iCare center on the first floor.  This sounds like a stellar idea since my portfolio work can't all be finished in the lab.  

As I'm checking out a Mac downstairs at the iCare center (manned by three very inept male individuals), I inquire about getting my hard drive taken out of my own Mac so we can sell it for parts online.  The young man who speaks English fluently assures me that they can take it out no problem if I bring it in.  I thank them and the girl who helped me in the lab (she came downstairs for her break after I left) and leave.  Then, as I'm crossing the street... 

"Miss!  I just wanted to let you know that my colleague Ashley" (nice girl from upstairs) "has reminded me that there was a recall a few years ago on black Macbook hard drives bought in 2007, so if you've never had the hard drive replaced before, we can do that for free!  It'll take 3-5 business days, but your computer will be good as new!"

WHERE WAS THIS INFORMATION IN DECEMBER WHEN I PHONED?!  WHY DID YOU STILL NOT TELL ME ABOUT IT WHEN I WAS STANDING THERE?!  Thank goodness for Ashley.  Why isn't SHE down here giving instructions to people with broken computers?  WHY WERE ANY OF YOU THREE HIRED AT ALL?  You know nothing about computers!  I hate iCare!  Hate, hate, hate!

So, apparently my computer can be fixed.  Somewhat good news, since it's a $1500 machine, but I'm torn about whether to be happy about this situation, or extremely, extremely angry...

Monday, March 21, 2011

(Megan's) Spring Break!

I know I haven't written in awhile.  I've been too busy!

I started my Spring Break last Friday afternoon and so far it's been pretty amazing.  Usually I spend weekends working on preparing for my classes, grading, working, going to church, and getting a night in here or there with Kyle.  Normally I get everything accomplished just in time Sunday night...only to begin again with five days of an accumulating to-do list.

So I took the first two and a half days of break off completely...which was super amazing!  Spent some much needed quality time with Kyle on Friday night, saw the in-laws on Saturday, and had dinner with some wonderful friends on Sunday after church.  I made out my schedule for the week on Sunday and I have each day packed with things I need to get done before Spring Break ends in order to be ready for the next two and a half weeks of school.

Today was pretty easy.  I had a background check at 10 this morning for a subbing license and I got to sleep in awhile (7:45! I about died when I saw the time!).  After that, the next thing on my list was to get rid of all the winter decorations and prepare the house for spring.  Check!  I'm very happy with our spring decorations, too...we didn't really have anything last year except for some decorative dish towels, but after spending a half-hour or so in the attic digging through some boxes, I managed to scrape together some plastic Easter eggs (did NOT even know I had those), some pink artificial flowers, some Spanish moss, and a pink and purple wiry garland Mom gave me two autumns ago.  I was determined to make it work, and it looks great!  It's not really impressive enough to merit pictures, but it's something.  I don't think we'll be getting much else to add to it sadly--Kyle is not a fan of Spring decorations ("Everything has PINK in it!").

So spring cleaning is done.  Well, as much as the house is going to see this spring, anyway.  I've always wanted to do some spring cleaning like my mom always did:  wash the walls, wash the windows, clean out the basement, clean out the garage, scrub the floors, etc. etc. but there's no time for that during the school year.  I'm more of a summer cleaner.  I have all kinds of plans for this summer after graduation--outside yard work, getting the screened in porch into shape, cleaning up the basement, doing something with the attic--it just excites me to think about it!  I can't wait for May 7th to be here!

Now I just need to get around to grading.  I opened all the windows and took Kyle to class today and am just so excited about the weather that I really am trying to convince myself that I can put it off another day, but it's not working.  It'd disrupt the SB schedule.  I thought about taking the grading outside in a lawn chair, but decided because (a) it's getting a little gray outside and I don't want to deal with rain and (b) it's also a little windy and I don't want to chance my papers somehow all blowing away.  So I guess in the house with the windows open is the way it must stay, then.

This week is going to go too quickly.  I can feel it already.