Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Job.

I've not updated for like 10 days or so, but so much has happened since those 10 days!  We've gotten so much more work done on the house (it's getting to be crunch time, here!) and I've worked hard to find a job in Muncie.  The job has been particularly stressful because all there really is available are the retail jobs...and I've never worked retail!  I don't know what it's like to have a job in town where schedules are pretty inflexible and lots of what you have to do is smile at people and help them.  I'm pretty excited to try it, though, and I think I'd be better at it now than ever before!

The process, though!  I've applied for more jobs than ever before!  I've filled out applications for Aldi's, Kohls, Maurice's, Charlotte Russe, Bath and Body Works, Dots, and Deb.  I've also done online applications for Old Navy, the Gap, Booksamillion, and Marsh....and if I didn't hear from any of those, I had applications at the ready for Aeropostale, Menards, the Compass Learning Center, Sallie Mae, Hobby Lobby, and Kerasotes.  Whew!  Every night before I fall asleep, I would spend time thinking about where else to apply!  I prayed and fasted for the right job and did all that I knew how to do:  payed my tithing and worked diligently in my calling and kept an upbeat attitude.  I knew that if I put on my applications that I was unavailable on Sundays that I would be richly blessed.  I counseled with Kyle over how many hours to work, how important the pay is, what shift I should shoot for, and what days to keep for homework and the Lord.  Kyle has been a great blessing in my job search and has helped me in many ways, mostly in prayer and encouragement.  I couldn't have gotten a job without his support!

Anyway, when I filled out the applications and turned them in, I prayed for the right job to become available for me.  Miraculously, as soon as I inquired for an application at Deb, I was promptly encouraged to fill it out as soon as possible because interviews were the very next day, if I wanted to sign up for one!  So I did!  I filled out the application, made sure that I had references at the ready, and did my best to get myself out there...and it worked!  I was offered the last slot for an interview at the very last minute of the following day, and I went home all excited and preparing myself for it.  I thought of questions to ask the interviewer and went to my interview praying for the Lord's will.  The interview went great!  The manager is nice and was completely understanding of my experiences that were NOT retail.  I don't know even that I should have been there for an interview, because I felt confident that if I hadn't turned in my application when they were setting up interviews, they wouldn't have contacted me.  I was promised a phone call two days later to let me know whether I had gotten the job or not.

It was a LOOOOOOONG wait, but worth it, because I got the job!  YAY!  I'm so excited and I'll find out exactly when I start next week on Tuesday or Wednesday when I go in for a schedule.  I hope I do well and that I'm quick to pick up the skills I need.  I'm willing to work for them and be as dedicated as possible.  I'm so grateful for the blessings the Lord has given me, and I'm not going to waste the opportunities He's got in store!  I'm so happy right now!  I love the Lord and I love life! 

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Love everyone!

This is one of THOSE posts:

Some people never change.  Some situations never change.  Some people just never grow up and hurting other people just never gets old.  

I'm not angry....just hurt and very sad.  It hurts me that people like to think of themselves as someone's friends and then talk badly about someone behind his or her back.  They make fun of the trials that one has gone through, and because they don't understand it, they think it's that person's fault that things have happened the way they have.

I know I'm being awfully cryptic again, but I refuse to intentionally hurt people's feelings and wish others would do the same.  

Before you judge a person, get to know him.  See what he's like or how he's changed.  Just because he's changed does not make him crazy or weird, and just because he doesn't talk doesn't make him stuck up.  If you get to know him and don't like him, don't hurt him on account of your preference.  Be honest and fair.  I'm not perfect, but I'm trying to love like the Savior.  I'm working my hardest and doing my best, and it's frustrating when former role models, friends, and acquaintances cannot do the same and hurt others in the process.

Please get to know someone before you write him off.  After you've written him off, please be prepared to take him back at any time.  Please love everyone.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Baking Again.

Call me crazy, but I've been baking again.  I think I'm really beginning to like it!  I still have to be in the mood to do it, though...not like cooking.  There's never a mood for cooking :/

Tonight it was a strawberry cake with icing that I made from scratch!  It wasn't hard at all, but still a lot better than what I was doing about a month ago.  It's actually become sort of fun sometimes!  Kyle says that I'm trying to make him fat and that he can't afford new pants, but I don't mind.  I made the cake just for him (and for us to have something nice after Fast Sunday tomorrow).  

Tomorrow we plan on attending church in Muncie and going to work on the house afterwards with my mom.  We don't typically work on the house on Sunday, but it's coming down to crunch time, and we really need to get working on it.  There's still so much to do...cabinets and flooring to put in the kitchen, rooms to paint, carpet to rip up, hardwood floors to refinish, plumbing to replace...the list goes on and on.  Our goal is to have it liveable by the end of this month so I can get a start on moving all my stuff there and looking for a Muncie job.  This suits me just fine because I miss Muncie so much!

My holiday was pretty much boring and I plan on celebrating the Fourth at Kyle's house next Saturday with a barbecue!  Yay!  Today I just worked (time-and-a-half pay!), showered and did some me time--painting of the nails, shaving, things like that that no woman has time to do throughout the week--and now baking.  It was a pretty good day, I think...