Friday, July 25, 2014

Visit from the Great-Grandparents

Kyle's grandparents winter in Florida, so they stopped on their way through Indianapolis in May to see all of us again (the last time we saw them was in November).  They've only seen Audrey three different times!  I didn't have photos of the second visit, but these pictures weren't taken too long before that:

 Here's the visit in May:

She's even bigger now, Dot and Gerry!

Easter 2014

Easter was great for Audrey.  We loved helping her hunt for eggs!  We had a few family Easters to go to, but for some reason I didn't get pictures from the Knittle Easter.  I have some of Audrey eating chocolate on my iPod, but that's it!

Homan Easter:

Audrey participated in the kid hunt, and she was the youngest!  She found one single egg while the other kids tore up the yard looking for the others.  When she picked up this egg, it popped open and all the jellybeans fell on the wet ground.  Chalk one up for experience, though!

She was more entertained by the dog than anything else!

Windy and cool day for a hunt!

Aunt Betsy and Audrey
 Byard Easter:

Check out what's in my basket!

For me?

This was an interesting experience for us all--Audrey had a fever all weekend from teething, Kyle and I got food poisoning, and my mother-in-law Michele went to the ER for a gall bladder flare up!  It was pretty intense.

After hunting for eggs, we took a walk in Grandma and Grandpa's stroller.

Happy Easter!