Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Indianapolis Zoo

We had originally planned a trip to the Indianapolis Zoo at the end of the summer, but we were so busy preparing for school, remodeling, and enjoying the air conditioner that it didn't happen.  So, we went over fall break instead.  Best.  Decision.  Ever.  I've never seen so many animals out and close to the fence.  I guess cooler weather IS better to see the animals.  Audrey was in awe of most of the animals.  She was pretty serious that day, although we did get some smiles out of her occasionally.  I also liked going because she got to spend the whole day with her grandparents (Gary and Michele took off work to come) and it was pretty cute seeing the kids come to the zoo in their Halloween costumes.  Because it was so chilly and Audrey doesn't like wearing costumes (yet), we put her in regular clothes.

Here are some of the better pictures we got with my camera:

Petting the fake snake at the Reptile House


Riding the carousel with Daddy.

Afraid for her life!

The giraffes were so close!

Once he realized we weren't going to feed him, though, he ambled away.



Lion!  Audrey loved to see the "cat".

Cuddling cheetahs.



We found this cute little play area near the flamingos.  Audrey LOVED the slide!

Elsa (from the movie Frozen) was visiting the zoo!

This tiger was would pace around the rocks and logs and then come rub his head up against the glass.  Every time he came by the glass, all the little kids screamed.

Seeing the tiger up close after the bigger kids left.


We even went to a dog show to see some amazing dog tricks.  Audrey liked to say "woof" when they were running around.
Note to self.  Only go to the zoo in the fall.  This is seriously the best time to go!

Trick-or-Treating at Grandma and Grandpa Knittles' House

Yesterday, we were finally able to get out to my mom and dad's house to trick-or-treat (which also means I'm finally able to blog about it and put up pictures and not ruin the surprise of Audrey's costume!).  This time, Audrey knew exactly what to do.  The last several days, Audrey has been allowed to have a small amount of Halloween candy, so she is starting to understand what's in the wrappers.  She also knew how to pick up candy piece by piece to put in her bag, although she did do some deliberating as to which would be most delectable.

After we took the bowls away (she would have emptied them if she could), she then wanted to pick each piece out of her bag and lay it on the floor to examine it.

My sweet nephew Calvin the Cow is going to be six months old in a few days!  Next year, Audrey's going to have some competition in that candy bowl...

Calvin wanted his costume OFF.

And since he was crying, Audrey wanted to get away from him!
I love these little munchkins!  I already can't wait to go trick-or-treating next year!