Monday, December 14, 2009

Anticipating the Climax of My Life (kinda)

Finals are here, finals are here! Which means school is done and the next few weeks will be EASY in comparison to my life the past four months! Oh yay, oh yay! I just really feel like singing! Right now I have one exam to study for tomorrow, but I'm not really getting that worked up about it...I'm feeling fairly good about my classes so far. I don't know if they'll all be A's (this is the first time that's EVER happened), but if not, you know? That's okay. This would be the semester that would have done it to me. Work, school, wedding plans, keeping up a was an awful lot! But school is letting up, the wedding is almost HERE (it's like fifteen days and three hours away!), and I'll have a lot of time off of work because of the holidays and the wedding... basically, life is GOOD! Just these pesky finals, some last wedding plans to finish up (flowers, decorations, the dress alterations), and my work here is DONE!

And life can return to normal in about three weeks!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

If I had a dollar for every time I thought of something to post...

If I had a dollar for every time I thought of something to post, I'd be rich. Or, at least, I'd have three dollars more than the last time I posted! So today, to catch up, I'd like to talk about three things, which really you could combine into two things:

1) How awesome Kyle is (divided into two subgroups)
2) Adopting animals

First, I'll be really brief, but I'd just like to point out how much I love Kyle and how amazing he is. Two instances (okay, more than that, but two that really struck me lately) that really stand out in my mind: my birthday--yes, that was last week!--and how great he is at speaking Spanish to little kids.

My birthday was great, and all because of Kyle! Not only did he get me roses and jewelry (a DOZEN yellow roses and an Algerian love knot necklace....think Vesper from Casino Royale), but he also let me take a HUGE nap, made me pizza, and watched Napoleon Dynamite with me. An amazing day!

Next....Kyle is amazing with little kids! The other day we went over to Dutsika's to discuss the cake decorating process for our reception, and Kyle played with Dutsikita while her mother and I talked. Dutsikita spent the entire hour playing with Kyle and her Dora castle and coloring pictures, all while speaking rapid-fire Spanish. Kyle, being the amazing guy that he is, not only understood (he's fluent) but used his grown-up man imagination to humor Dutsikita's games. It was precious, I tell you!

Okay...I would have expounded more on those things, but this is what's really been bothering me today: Muncie is closing its Animal Shelter!

The mayor has decided to cut the jobs of the animals' caretakers, so as a result, the shelter is understaffed and can't stay open. There are about 70 animals in the shelter right now, and they have to find homes by the end of the month or they'll be euthanized. I wish we had room (and money) to adopt more cats or even a dog, but Tiger has proved to be enough as it is, and we've only had him a few weeks--and we still haven't gotten his shots or taken him to be neutered yet!

So, we can't change the fact the shelter is closing. I get that. But these animals need HOMES! They didn't do anything to anyone except exist. They shouldn't be killed just so we can make a small cut in budget that could easily be covered by everyone in Muncie donating like a dollar or something. Please help if you can!

I'm so glad we decided to keep Tiger. He's a fat lazy turd, but Kyle and I love him to pieces and we can't imagine living here without him now! Please do the same in your life if you have the means and the space and the love!