Sunday, June 12, 2016

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So I originally wrote this blogpost about a month ago, and it's just been waiting to be posted.  I won't change anything in the text, but obviously, summer is well underway...

Whew!  It’s been an awfully long time since I’ve update this blog.  Honestly, we’ve been very busy and I haven’t had time for it.  I sort of thought that I was done blogging about our family; now that we’re growing, I think I will have even less time.  However, I decided to try to pick it back up again.  Mostly this decision came from the fact that (a) I’m terrible at keeping my own journal so I don’t record the little moments ANYWHERE, (b) I will one day regret that, and (c) last time I was pregnant and recorded very diligently in the blog about it.  Those are posts I go back and re-read most, and I certainly didn’t want to miss out on that opportunity for Baby #2.  So, here we are.  No apologies for missing the last several months; it was just life.  
I guess I’ll try to do some small updates, but first, my summer plans:

1. Grow a baby (obviously).  Right now, tells me baby is growing his/her five senses.  My body is literally making another person’s nerve cells in the brain for taste, touch, hearing, sight, and smell. By next week, I can check making taste buds for baby off my to-do list.

20 weeks
2.  Hang out with Audrey.  It’s the last summer of her and me. I’m really excited for this but also sad. It’s sort of a bittersweet realization for me.  I am going to soak her up this summer.

Audrey and me at the Indianapolis, IN temple
3.  Get some remodeling projects done.  Did you know we bought a house?  So while we absolutely LOVE our new house for its location, yard, space, lack of wet basement, garage, etc. it is DATED inside.  Very, very dated.  But I guess if we love it when its walls are ugly colors and the carpets are old, we will adore it when we make it beautiful.  So last summer we had very few projects to do, and it was glorious.  Now, we have tons, and my chest feels kind of heavy sometimes with all we want to do with it. But, this is our forever house, so we have forever to get it all done…

Our house in its listing picture
4.   Go on some vacations.  We plan to go to Michigan with Kyle’s family for a week and to southern Indiana with my family for a few days. I’m excited for both!

5. Work in our yard.  Our yard is HUGE compared to our old yard. And it certainly requires a lot more attention.

Audrey smelling our spring perennials
6.   Potty train Audrey.  Actually, this is more an Audrey to-do item than for me.  Audrey is essentially potty-trained.  She just refuses to go.  So, maybe I will say or do something this summer to trigger her to WANT to go.  I guess the item on my to-do list should say something like “figure out how to make Audrey WANT to go on the potty instead of covering herself with a blanket and pooping in her pants and crying because she’s NOT a baby anymore and she hates getting her butt changed”.

Audrey and her princess bribes--this ended up working pretty well!
 Kyle’s summer plans:

1. Work, work, work.  Since my last post in February 2015, Kyle has a different job.  And he rocks at it!  Bad news more summers off for him.  Boo!

2. Grumbling under his breath when I insist that his time off from work, work, work is taken up by my projects.  See number 3 above.

Audrey’s summer plans:

1. Swim.  She only asked me about 30 times last night alone if we could get out her swimming pool.  

Audrey swimming outside on a hot April Saturday.
This girl told me tonight she would love to be a mermaid.

Yeah, I think we could do some real damage here!

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