Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Aaaannnddd We're Pregnant!

Well everyone, I’m going to take a minute to update with some details of our second pregnancy.

We have been incredibly blessed throughout the course of this wild now-24 week ride.  We began talking about getting pregnant again right after Christmas.  We felt we had mostly unpacked, life was becoming somewhat normal again after moving and the holidays.  Audrey’s birthday is in September, so getting pregnant in January would put us right on track for our three year plan of kid-spacing.  We were prepared to try for several months, because we knew from experience that it could take awhile.  If you’ve forgotten, it took us about four months to get pregnant with our first baby (a miscarriage).  Often times when I talk with strangers, I will tell them it took us six months of trying before we were pregnant with Audrey, but I word that very carefully, because I never intend to forget our first baby.

We are about 24 weeks pregnant now.  We started trying to get pregnant about 24 weeks ago.

Yep, we got that lucky, just like with Audrey.  After our miscarriage, we began trying again right away, and we were pregnant with Audrey within the month.  So, just like, Audrey, this baby was planned, but completely unexpected so soon!

I put off taking a pregnancy test as long as possible, because I didn’t want to have a negative test.  That completely deflates your heart.  I remember exactly the day we tested, February 9th.  I had had a rotten set of parent/teacher conferences the night before and felt literally sick to my stomach before going to work that day.  We just attributed it to anxiety, but the feeling never went away.  After a whole day of it (even though school was fine that day and there was truly nothing to cause me to continue to feel that way), Kyle insisted that I test.  What was easily one of the worst days of the school year quickly became one of the best.  We’ve taken lots of pregnancy tests before...we’ve had a few pregnancy scares that came back negative, we had several months of trying before our miscarriage that came back negative, our first pregnancy in which the test barely registered as positive, Audrey’s test that registered as definitively positive but it took a while.  This baby?  Positive almost as soon as administered.  A very, very definitive line that wasn’t going anywhere.

Cue crying, shock, laughing, and Kyle declaring, “Well that was easy!”

The pregnancy has been relatively easy so far in terms of physically.  I had a little more morning sickness, food aversion, fatigue, and motion sickness in the first trimester than with Audrey, but I never actually vomited, so I consider myself extremely lucky.  Our symptoms were pretty hard to hide, so we came out and told everyone about our pregnancy earlier than we had initially planned. 

We announced to our families:

Everything was looking good until….

We encountered our first of two teensy-tiny little hiccups in this pregnancy.

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